Rockies Slugger Gonzalez has Emergency Surgery

Carlos Gonzalez had to undergo an emergency appendectomy after suffering intense  stomach pains Friday Night which Gonzalez reported on his Twitter account.  The Rockies tweeted after he was released.

“withheld from physical activity until he has a check up with doctors in approximately 2 weeks.” Rockies Tweet

Gonzalez had 26 home runs to go along with 76 RBI’s last season.

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Rockies finally post a shutout

The Colorado Rockies have finally joined every other team in MLB in posting a shutout victory on Monday night after defeating the Arizona Diamondbacks 4-0.

“We don’t expect our guys to throw shutouts. Just keep us in the game and give this offense a chance,” Manager Jim Tracy

The Rockies have been on a terror as of late winning 7 of their last 8 games and continue their three game stretch against Arizona tonight and Wednesday.

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Dexter Fowler finally making some noise

Everyone was excited when Dexter Fowler donned a Rockies uniform back in 2004 but it wasn’t until 2008 that Fowler recorded his first hit.  Fast forward three years and Fowler is finally turning the corner.

Against the Houston Astros this past weekend, Fowler went 7-9 with a homer, five runs scored, three RBI’s and a stolen base all the while lifting his batting average to .276.

“This is the player that we think he’s capable of being on a regular basis.” Rockies Manager  Jim Tracy

“I was ecstatic when I saw my name up there,” Fowler said. “You go through ruts and I’ve been through a couple in the box.”

The Colorado Rockies  resume their 3-game stand against the Houston Astros today and Thursday.


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